Barnes Roffe Cycle Event

In an unseasonably bright day before Christmas, 3 brave souls from Allan Janes (Alex, Nick and Clive) signed up to the Barnes Roffe cycling event. A sprightly 50 miles, billed as a ‘treat’ for their friends and clients (thanks Barnes Roffe).

Only one of those brave souls, your humble author, was unable to excuse himself from the event.

With some keen cyclists having already cycled 30 miles just to attend, it is no overstatement to say that fair weather ‘team’ Allan Janes were setting no records that day. Nevertheless the route, starting at Berkhamsted Golf Club and taking in various aspects of the Chilterns was glorious, the ride team (Njinga) were fantastic, and a great time was had by all. The BBQ afterwards was a particular treat!

Here’s looking forward to the next event!

By Alex Stanier


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