Too hot to work?

With a heatwave well underway, and with some reports expecting the hot weather to stick around until the end of August, many employers are likely to be hearing their employees say it’s “too hot to work” – but is there a maximum temperature above which employees cannot... read more

Nil Rate Band Gifts in Wills

To get the legal jargon out of the way, this article concerns the making of ‘nil rate band gifts’ in Wills and the effect of an available transferable nil rate band on such gifts. In plain English, a nil rate band gift in a Will is, in most cases, the maximum amount... read more

Can A Contract Be Varied Orally?

Not if the contract contains a “no oral variation” clause! In the recent case of Rock Advertising Ltd v. MWB Business Exchange Centres Limited, the House of Lords agreed that a contractual licence for a rented office between the parties, which stated that... read more


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