Uncontested wills with all assets in the UK

Allan Janes provide a full range of services to support bereaved families with the legal (and occasionally non-legal) work needed to access their loved one’s assets, settle their labilities and carry out their last wishes.  How much this will cost depends on the type of estate, the level of complexity, and how much help and support you would like us to provide.

The following examples provide guidance as to what might be expected for standard probate cases, i.e. the administration of an uncontested will (or intestacy) with all assets in the UK.

In all cases our fees are based on hourly rates which are dependent on the experience and seniority of the solicitor dealing with your work. We will also confirm these fees with you at an initial meeting and ask you to sign and return our Terms of Business, in which these fees will be confirmed again, before we undertake work on your behalf. Our Terms of Business will each be tailored to your unique circumstances, and the below should be considered a general guide only.

We will also be pleased to discuss with you the various levels of service that we can offer and how that fits best in your personal circumstances.   

For more information on Probate and to see the Probate team check our services page on Wealth Management