Preparation of the Probate Application Paperwork Only

We are able to prepare the legal paperwork necessary to obtain the Grant of Probate in circumstances where you are happy to undertake the rest of the administration yourself. In this case you will provide all the financial information relating to the estate’s assets and liabilities. We will be pleased to confirm exactly what information you will need to provide to us for this purpose and how to obtain it.


Our fees are based on hourly rates which are dependent on the experience and seniority of the solicitor dealing with your work. These are set out below

Chartered Legal Executive - £230 plus VAT

Solicitor - £260 plus VAT

Partner - £350 plus VAT

Illustrative range of fees

Fees for this service will be in the range of £1,400 - £4,000 + VAT + Disbursements.

The exact fee will depend on the individual circumstances of the estate. For example, if there are only one or two assets and no inheritance tax to pay, the costs will be at the lower end of the range. If there are many assets, or inheritance tax to pay, or the estate involves complicated issues of succession or taxation, the costs will be at the higher end of the range.


There will be a probate application fee. This is currently £273.

Time Frame

Once we have received the necessary information, obtaining the Grant should take approximately 8 weeks if there is no inheritance tax to pay, and 12 weeks if there is (depending on how quickly you are able to arrange settlement of that tax).