The Court of Protection Goes Digital

January 3rd 2023 | court of protection

On the 1st January 2023, the Court of Protection updated their procedures to enable applications for financial deputyships to be completed online. Based on the latest figures applications for financial deputyships make up 40% of all applications made to the Court of Protection. For the most part they are straightforward read more...

Making Gifts Under a Power of Attorney

March 12th 2021 | court of protection

Powers of Attorney (whether they be Lasting Powers of Attorney for Finance, Enduring Powers of Attorney or Court of Protection Deputyship Orders) give an individual the authority to access a person’s financial assets. This includes their bank accounts and investments as well as the authority to sell, transfer or mortgage read more...

Attorneys vs Deputies- What is the Difference?

September 23rd 2020 | court of protection

When it comes to managing other people’s affairs, there are effectively two ways to gain authority. To the lay person the distinction is not always apparent, however there are significant differences in the time and cost involved in one route over the other, as well as the reason why a read more...

Guide to The Court of Protection - Health and Welfare Deputyship

December 9th 2019 | court of protection

If someone loses capacity without having a valid Lasting or Enduring Power of Attorney in place, then those seeking to make decisions will need to apply to the Court of Protection for the authority to make decisions on their behalf. There are several types of a decision that the Court read more...

Guide to The Court of Protection - Property and Finance Deputyships

November 6th 2019 | court of protection

What happens if decisions need to made for someone who lacks mental capacity? With an ageing population this is an issue which has become more prominent in people's mind. This is further compounded by significant care costs and high property values, which mean that incapacitated individuals are left with valuable assets read more...

Statutory Wills: A Brief Guide

May 20th 2019 | court of protection

A Will is a document, made by someone, which sets out how their estate should be distributed on their death and who should deal with the administration. However, recent research carried out by Prudential found that around 60% of the UK population does not have a Will. If someone dies read more...
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