Covid Crisis – Some Small Relief for Company Directors?

May 27th 2020 | business services

Unless you are Amazon, a major supermarket or a supplier of PPE, you would be forgiven for feeling a little punch-drunk at the moment as you attempt to steer your business ship through uncharted and ever-changing waters. The Government has worked hard to provide some relief to the bulk of read more...

"Town Talk” webinar with guest Steve Baker MP

May 4th 2020 | business services

Allan Janes Corporate partner Iwan Emanuel will be taking part in a “Town Talk” webinar organised by HW Bidco on Tuesday 5th May at 3pm to discuss Coronavirus business support and advice. Speakers will include Steve Baker MP and advisers from Bucks Business First, Saffery Champness, Optimum Finance and Allan read more...

Lockdown, Quarantine and Contracts – What if Compliance is Impossible?

April 9th 2020 | business services

The Government’s Coronavirus lockdown has placed us in the unusual situation where performing a contract may, through no-one’s fault, prove impossible or even unlawful. Whilst the Coronavirus Regulations have some exemptions for essential work, a lot of important business activity is nonetheless non-essential in this time of crisis. So, if read more...

“How do I get out of here?” – Share Buybacks Can Make for a Smooth Exit

February 21st 2020 | business services

Shareholders approaching retirement are often concerned that their options to leave their business, and extract some value, may be limited, especially if they are in business with other shareholders who have different exit timetables. For most shareholders, the options are: Sell your shares to the other shareholders; Sell the entire read more...

Entrepreneur’s Relief to Disappear?

February 14th 2020 | business services

Entrepreneur’s Relief has been an important tax break for business owners, allowing them to reduce their Capital Gains Tax liability on qualifying assets (which may be their shares in a business, or assets that they have lent to their business) to only 10%. Entrepreneur’s Relief can also apply to Trustees read more...

Shareholders Agreements – Who Needs them?

September 23rd 2019 | business services

French employers complain these days that it’s less risky to marry someone than employ them, since the state of French employment law is such that it’s easier to divorce a person than to fire them. And, in many respects, when we enter into business with someone, it is a bit read more...

What’s Down the Back of your Corporate Sofa?

September 2nd 2019 | business services

“Bona Vacantia” might sound like the sort of thing Jacob Rees-Mogg would say when giving his dog a juicy treat, but it is in fact an ancient legal doctrine which has some sharp teeth of its own. When William the Conqueror won the English crown, he claimed all English land read more...

Director’s Duties – Need I Worry About Them?

April 12th 2019 | business services

Most people who are offered a directorship are usually so pleased to get a seat “with the grown-ups” that they rarely stop to think about what being a director involves, and what it requires of them. In owner-managed businesses, directors who are also shareholders often assume that they can do read more...

What Rights Do Directors Have To Access Company Information?

April 5th 2019 | business services

Where Board directors do not see eye-to-eye, there is sometimes a complaint by one or more directors that they are being denied access to key financial information, and are being squeezed out of the decision-making process. So what rights do directors have to access company information? The law on this read more...
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