Partner from Allan Janes to Appear on BBC News

June 21st 2019 | social

Every year I work at Glastonbury Festival with some old University friends. We are part of a 2,000 strong group volunteers that undertake all of the recycling at the festival.  As I'm sure you can imagine, with a festival the size of Glastonbury, that is no mean feat! There's a read more...

DIY Wills – Great News for Lawyers?!

May 17th 2019 | wills and probate

A good friend of mine recently told me that she was moving home. She saw no point in needlessly lining the coffers of those fat cat lawyers, so was planning on undertaking all of the conveyancing work herself. I wholeheartedly endorsed her savvy approach. Of course, the above is a read more...

Probate Court Fees

May 3rd 2019 | wills and probate

What is going on with Probate Court fees? Anyone with any skin in the game will take a step back at this point, 1,000-yard stare fixed in the distance, and slowly shake their head.  For anyone who has managed to avoid the news for the past 18 months (well done read more...

The Importance of Reviewing your Will (Nil Rate Gifts)

March 19th 2019 | wills and probate

To get the legal jargon out of the way, this article concerns the making of ‘nil rate band gifts’ in Wills and the effect of an available transferable nil rate band on such gifts. In plain English, a nil rate band gift in a Will is, in most cases, the read more...

Dangers of Will Writing Companies

March 13th 2019 | wills and probate

Lawyers are one of those groups of professionals that many of us really want to avoid. Our fear, not always unjustified, is that the visit will be painful. Painful physically (dentists, we’re looking at you) and painful financially. In the world of Private Client, which often involves difficult discussions about read more...

The Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme

October 4th 2018 | wills and probate

Allan Janes has recently become an accredited member of The Law Society’s Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme (WIQS). WIQS accredited firms are recognised by the Law Society as providing the highest standards of Will preparation and Estate administration by adhering to the best practice standards laid down by the scheme read more...
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