Should I Sever My Joint Tenancy?

July 21st 2022 | trusts

Own a house with your spouse? No, this is not the start to a Dr. Seuss poem! This is a blog focusing on domestic co-ownership and how you could be affected by joint tenancy. Commercial co-ownership can be slightly different, and I will aim to address this in a future read more...

Personal Injury Trusts: Who, What and Why?

March 30th 2021 | trusts

There are a wide range of reasons why trusts are still used in modern society (and not all of them have to do with tax). One particularly useful, and often overlooked, type of trust is a personal injury trust. This is a trust which is specifically set up to receive read more...

Asset Protection Trusts - The Next Big Mis-selling Scandal

January 28th 2021 | trusts

I am moved to write this blog after a good client of mine recently approached me, having been approached herself by a company offering her an ‘Asset Protection Trust’. Her question for me was should I do it. My unequivocal answer was no for the reasons I will set out read more...

ESG Investing: Doing Well by Doing Good

January 8th 2021 | trusts

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance which are the three essential factors used in measuring the sustainability of an investment. In other words, ESG helps assess which businesses are viable long-term without causing harm to people or the planet. You may also have heard of ethical investing, responsible investing, read more...

What are Cryptoassets and How are they Treated in Court?

December 4th 2020 | trusts

There is no single agreed definition of a cryptoasset and the market is constantly evolving so that new variations regularly emerge. However, broadly speaking, cryptoassets can be defined as digital assets that utilise cryptography (the science of protecting information through secure technology).  Cryptocurrencies, which are a type of cryptoasset, are read more...

Thrown Under the Trustee Bus – A Cautionary Tale

May 26th 2020 | trusts

The role of trustee is a thankless task. Given its ongoing nature, it is certainly easy to argue that it is more onerous than acting as an executor (and that is certainly not without its problems ).  Acting as trustee can take up a considerable amount of time, place significant read more...

A Quick Guide to Trusts

September 25th 2019 | trusts

The concept of trusts can be a difficult one to explain to non-lawyers. Most people know that they exist but have very little knowledge about how they operate or why they might be established. In recent years they have received a particularly bad rap as they have become associated with read more...

What is the Trust Registration Service?

August 13th 2019 | trusts

If you are reading this blog, chances are you already have some idea what the Trust Registration Service (TRS) is. Perhaps you are a trustee wondering whether you need to register with this service. Maybe you are thinking of setting up a trust, or have already set up a trust, read more...
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