5 Reasons You Should Consider Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

October 22nd 2020 | dispute resolution

Everyone that knows me also knows that I am a huge fan of mediation as one of the Alternative Dispute Resolution methods. Being both a people and "outdoorsy" person, I believe mediation provides a great context to see and hear what the issues are and set about resolving them through read more...

Inheritance Act Claims: Good News on the Price of Success

July 1st 2020 | dispute resolution

A recent High Court case has opened the door to Claimants in Inheritance Act claims recovering the additional ‘success fees’, where these were previously non-recoverable in most litigation since 2013. Those wishing to contest the probate of an estate, or to claim financial provision under the Inheritance Act 1975 (the read more...

Unlocking Restrictive Covenants

February 10th 2020 | dispute resolution

Whether you are a homeowner with the benefit of a covenant, want to do a deal for the release of a covenant, or want to challenge a covenant to permit a change of development of land, our property dispute specialists at Allan Janes can help. What are Restrictive covenants? Restrictive read more...

Trusts Affecting Property: Who Owns What?

January 22nd 2020 | dispute resolution

One might be forgiven for thinking that the owner of property is the person named on the deeds or named as proprietor at the Land Registry. There are however a number of ways in which it is possible to establish a beneficial ownership of property. Beneficial ownership is a right read more...

Litigation Privilege: The Dangers of Discussing Litigation in Emails

October 22nd 2019 | dispute resolution

We have discussed before in a previous blog post the difficulties in maintaining privilege in documents produced for employment cases within a company. However, there is similar difficulties in maintaining litigation privilege in commercial disputes. But what is privilege? In order to understand privilege, you need to understand the process read more...

Commercial Lease Renewal and Terminations under the 1954 Landlord & Tenant Act

May 2nd 2019 | dispute resolution

Richard Harriman, a Partner in our Litigation Department who deals with residential and commercial property disputes writes: “Does a tenant of business premises have security of tenure?  The answer depends upon the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 (“The 1954 Act”).  There are two elements to the security provided:- Automatic continuation read more...

Can a Contract Be Varied Orally?

March 26th 2019 | dispute resolution

Not if the contract contains a "no oral variation" clause! In the recent case of Rock Advertising Ltd v. MWB Business Exchange Centres Limited, the House of Lords agreed that a contractual licence for a rented office between the parties, which stated that any variations must be signed and in read more...

Rights of Forfeiture and The Importance of Reading Leases Carefully

February 27th 2019 | dispute resolution

The recent case of Andrew Toms v Marilyn Ruberry is an interesting one; it illustrates why you should give careful consideration to the contents of the forfeiture provisions of a lease before taking enforcement action.  This case shows the importance of interpreting the right of re-entry and forfeiture clause in read more...

Consideration For Restrictive Covenants

September 24th 2018 | dispute resolution

Many people might be aware of the basic contractual principles, including the rule that you must provide consideration for a contract to be enforceable, however when contracting to restrict a person’s right to work (such as including restrictive covenants in a contract of employment), the situation becomes more complex. What read more...
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