ESG Investing: Doing Well by Doing Good

January 8th 2021 | trusts

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance which are the three essential factors used in measuring the sustainability of an investment. In other words, ESG helps assess which businesses are viable long-term without causing harm to people or the planet. You may also have heard of ethical investing, responsible investing, read more...

What are Cryptoassets and How are they Treated in Court?

December 4th 2020 | trusts

There is no single agreed definition of a cryptoasset and the market is constantly evolving so that new variations regularly emerge. However, broadly speaking, cryptoassets can be defined as digital assets that utilise cryptography (the science of protecting information through secure technology).  Cryptocurrencies, which are a type of cryptoasset, are read more...

Succession, Inheritance and Surrogacy: The Issues

November 4th 2020 | wills and probate

Surrogacy is when a person agrees to bear a child for someone else. Although it is legal in the UK, surrogacy arrangements cannot be enforced by the courts and it is illegal to pay the surrogate anything other than their reasonable expenses. This therefore limits the type of surrogacy arrangements read more...
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