Residential Property Disputes

Every individual will have interests in property, whether as a landlord, tenant, owner or investor.

The role of our property litigation team is diverse and they are not only called upon when a party has been in breach of its obligations but also when a party is in contemplation of the same. They provide expert guidance on the consequences of, for example, taking various steps under a Lease, the enforceability of restrictive covenants and the extent of your or your neighbour’s boundaries.

It is not unusual to see a property dispute and when it does happen, it can be highly disruptive, which in turn, demands practical, pragmatic and effective advice. Our property litigators keep our clients’ objectives at the heart of their negotiations, are watchful of costs and appreciate how time consuming litigation can be. With this in mind, they aim to resolve issues through negotiation and mediation. If, however, a matter leads to litigation, they ensure that all matters are dealt with tenaciously and efficiently.

We take pride in the network of professionals we have close relationships with, this enables us to have surveyors, engineers, agents and experts across many sectors at our disposal to enable you to have access to quality advice from the inception of any dispute.


We regularly advise on the following matters:

  • Right to light claims, nuisance, boundary disputes, restrictive covenants and rights of access.
  • Advising on professional negligence actions: for example, in relation to advice given by solicitors and surveyors and claims against Management Companies.
  • We deal with property transactional disputes such as the preparation and service of notices to complete, warranty claims and breaches of contract.