Estate Administration

It is often difficult to know what steps to take when a loved one dies. Whether to plan the funeral, deal with gifts left under a will or deciding how to manage ongoing business interests.

We have extensive experience with estates of all sizes and would be happy to guide you through the various procedures and requirements. Our aim is always to make the process as painless as possible. We can help with all elements of estate administration including:

  • Settling funeral invoices
  • Preparing tax and probate forms and arranging to pay any tax that might be due
  • Dealing with the assets of the estate including business assets, stock and share portfolios, foreign assets, pensions, life insurance and properties.
  • Paying any outstanding debts
  • Making payment of any gifts left in the will
  • Dealing with any trust elements of the estate and submitting relevant returns to HMRC
  • Considering any ongoing tax implications and assisting with filing returns
  • Dealing with Land Registry transfers of properties left to beneficiaries.

Every estate is unique and it is often difficult to estimate the cost of the adminstration until we have met with you and fully discussed the matter. Neverheless the costs will be clearly explained to you at the end of that initial meeting and you will be asked to approve these before we undertake any work. We are also very pleased to provide an indication of our costs here