Can I Change My Spouse’s Will After Their Death?

November 17th 2023 | estate planning

In short the answer is no, you cannot rewrite someone’s Will after they have died. Whilst you cannot change a Will following someone’s death, you might be able to vary the tax treatment of a gift and subsequently your entitlement from a Will after someone has died. Read on to read more...

Can Employers Ban Tattoos?

September 29th 2023 | employment

Tattoos can be a grey area and polarise opinions. However, are employers allowed to judge an individual based on their tattoos, or would this be deemed discrimination? Are there any laws governing this? Legally, there are currently no employment laws that govern tattoos in the workplace. This means that an read more...

Why Has My Lasting Power of Attorney Application Been Rejected?

July 31st 2023 | powers of attorney

New data issued by the Freedom of Information (FOI) has revealed that almost 130,000 lasting powers of attorney (LPAs) applications have been rejected in the last 5 years due to mistakes, with over 29,000 of these coming in the last year alone. We have previously covered LPAs in this blog read more...

Wills: When Should You Get a Capacity Assessment?

June 19th 2023 | wills and probate

It is important to know that for a will to be valid, the testator, i.e., the person making it must have sufficient mental capacity. “Testamentary capacity” is the legal term used when describing an individual’s legal and mental ability to make or alter a valid will. In the absence of read more...

Signs Your Tenant May Be Facing Financial Hardship

January 23rd 2023 | commercial property

It is important for Landlords to spot the warning signs when a commercial tenant is facing financial difficulties to help them minimise their losses. Tenants are often reluctant to let their landlord know if there are issues, but there are some common signs which might indicate a problem. Paying rent read more...

LAW BREAKING IN OUR FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS FILMS?? - Read on to find out which of our most beloved Christmas characters have been taking the law into their own hands!

December 22nd 2022 | social

ELF After Buddy is wrongly assumed to be a department store Christmas elf, he ends up pretending to not only work there, but even sleeping in the shop. Here he has committed the relatively serious crimes of trespassing, fraud and potentially burglary. During his fake employment, he peeps over the read more...
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